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About Sugar

Parshwanath Enterprises is into sugar trading for last more than 50years. The company has high goodwill and its valuable customers growing for almost more than 50 years today. The firm’s cliental base is widespread across the nation. Also the company indulges in export of sugar throughout the world and has tie ups with various export houses. Sugar exports are based on government policies. The company has wide network with sugar Brokers in all important parts of the country.

Sugar is available in varied grades to meet the varied requirements of the clients.

  1. Sugar – S grade, M grade, L grade
  2. Refined Sugar.

Sugar and India

Sugar Industry in India is well developed with a consumer base of more than billions of people. India is the largest consumer of sugar and second largest producer in the world. There are around 45 millions of sugar cane growers in India. Sugarcane cultivation is done in India on around 4 million hectares of land. The Rs. 250 billion sugar industry has more than 450 sugar mills in India with an average installed capacity of 18 million tones. The total number of sugar mills in Maharashtra amounts to 199 which accounts to almost 40% of the total sugar mills in India.

Maharashtra Sugar Industry is one of the most notable and large-scale sugar manufacturing sectors in the country. Kolhapur is highest in the total sugar production of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Sugar Industry has seen a spectacular growth in the past few years.

Sugar and Health

Sugar can have many positive effects on your life and metabolism. Here they are:

Calorie content – Sugar has a high calorie content that will give your body energy that you lack. However, all that energy is short lived and it can only give your short bust of increased productivity. Because sugar contains four calories per gram, but it lacks nutritious value (no dietary fibers) and because of that sugar is only an added ingredient in many meals.

Diabetes – Scientists have proven that diabetes is a genetic condition that is created from the moment we are born. Eating bad food and lots of sweets and fats can only decrease the efficiency of the pancreas, but in moderate use there are no health risks.

Skin health – Sugar’s glycolic acid can be very helpful in maintaining the health and look of your skin. Using it can help elimination blemishes and restoring the balance in the skin’s oils.

Blood and insulin benefits - Many foods that have in them glucose are sweet, but our bodies (and especially liver) have larger problem disassembling glucose than fructose that can be found in sugar. Because of this, insulin levels will be greatly increased during the short periods of time, making you feel energetic and powerful. Sadly after that initial rush, drop of insulin will also make you hungry for more sweets. But that is not all. Because of the influence of sugar’s glucose has on the hormone leptin, you will indeed feel more full than after eating foods with fructose.

Minerals and nutrients – Sugars in their structure have ingredients that are passed to them from their natural sources, sugarcanes or beet. Elements such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium will not be greatly present in the industrially refined sugar.

Environment benefits – Sugar is created from natural resources without the use of pesticides and other harmful products, in a way what don pollutes environment. That is not the case with the production of the industrial artificial sweeteners.

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